A strange moment of internet magic

A strange moment of internet magic

I was slobbing on the sofa the other day (a glass of wine or two consumed) contemplating the 1980s and the days of Mrs T, when I started a bit of interweb loafing to track down people I knew back then. I was quite surprised when searching for old colleagues at my first workplace to stumble across (very high on a google search) the very advert that led me to the job in the first place. You could say that everything hinged on this.

The salary (which isn’t shown in the ad) was a stunning £5400 plus London weighting.

Incidentally, what the advert doesn’t mention is that the job involved extensive plumbing activity (the HPLC bit I suppose), generating vast quantities of radioactive waste (dozens of huge 25 gallon drums of contaminated scintillation fluid and solvents) and lots of changing of lightbulbs (this post essentially made me the departmental flunky). I enjoyed my time there though and it was only the derisory salary (taking home £375 per month, £370 rent, £10 per month train season ticket) that made me move on.

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