Calling all former UoN students!

I am hoping that this post will be picked up by former graduates of our Nutrition degrees at Nottingham. 

We are collecting case studies to show the range of different jobs which our graduates go on to do. We hope this will raise current students’ awareness of different job opportunities and help them identify ways of strengthening their employability. It will also help prospective students understand the different routes which the degree may lead to. As a successful graduate of UoN Nutritional Sciences, we’d love to include you as a case study. The following headings are provided as a guide, but please include what you think has been most important. A picture of yourself to show alongside the case study would also be appreciated. We will be using the material on our website, course and marketing materials. Keep it concise and feel free to write in your own style – the primary audience is current and prospective students.

 Suggested aspects to include:

What is your current role?

What route have you taken since graduating (including PG education/research, other temporary roles, jobs, placements etc)?

What do you think has been key in helping you secure your current role?

What are your top tips for current students, to help them improve their employability?

Please feel free to forward this on to any of your fellow graduates who you think would be happy to help. Many thanks for your contribution!

If you want to contribute a case study, either email me at, or

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