Almost time for I’m a Scientist

So, the November 2013 I’m a Scientist Get Me Out of Here event begins in just a few days. I am ready and waiting to spring into action in the Iodine Zone alongside my four fellow scientists. We are a diverse group it seems with a mix of molecular biologists and a nuclear scientist.

The event puts Key Stage 3 students in schools all over the country with scientists, enabling them to ask questions about life, the universe and everything which the scientists then try to answer either during live chat sessions or in their own time via the ISGMO website. I have to say that I am feeling decidedly nervous about the live chats as they take place in a tight time slot and I would imagine are pretty fast moving and unpredictable. My first one is on Monday and I am braced to answer questions as varied as ‘Have you ever set anything on fire or blown any thing up?” (Oh yes- where do I start to answer than one!) to ‘Can you clone a human?’.  The organisers have warned us to prepare for students and their witty banter.

I will blog about my experience as the event unfolds over two weeks, and will also post on Twitter (@slangers1) as the chats and questioning progresses. 

Describe myself in three words? Nervous, excited, anticipatory

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