I’m a Scientist: opening salvo

The IAS event doesn’t start until Monday but I have just come off the first chat of the process. This was a ‘Staffroom’ chat to find out how things would work on a live chat with the schools. It all looks straightforward so I am ready. I have learned how to do some new smilies in my chat responses (notably evil laughter) so all of the building blocks of the chat are in place. I was not sure about the etiquette of butting in on any of the answers to questions that have been provided by the other scientists in my zone, which I can’t resist it as I do like to have the last word. Apparently this is fine and encourages some discussion, so I will brush up on my nuclear safety…
The first questions have been posed by students and I have had a go at answering ranging from which sciences did I like most at school, did I find science easy or hard, through to what is the best diet for a baby to have for health in later life.  I am trying to give honest and spontaneous answers and pitch it at a simpler level than I am used to doing in normal life. This is interesting as it forces me to think about how I communicate. I need to be informative, interesting and not patronising. Not all of these seem to come naturally! 


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