Paper accepted by PlosOne

rastusReally pleased to confirm that our paper has been finally accepted by PlosOne. This details work that we did in collaboration with Adrian Clark and Elia Stupka on an MRC grant. The study consider changes in the hepatic transcriptome in rats exposed to maternal low protein diet in utero and in rats exposed to the same diet, but with supplemental folic acid. DNA methylation was measured across the whole genome. We noted extensive differences in gene expression in the low protein group with cell cycle functions, DNA maintenance and the DNA methyltransferases being strongly affected. These changes were largely normalised by maternal folate supplementation. There were also extensive effects of both diets upon DNA methylation, but surprisingly there was little concordance between the gene expression targets and the differentially methylated regions.

The paper is:

Altobelli G, Bogdarina I, Stupka E, Clark AJC, Langley-Evans SC. Genome-wide methylation and gene expression changes in newborn rats following maternal protein restriction and reversal by folic acid. PlosOne 2013

It should appear online soon.

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