My book- in Polish!

My book- in Polish!

I received a real treat from Wiley in the post today. My book, Nutrition: A Lifespan Approach has been translated into Polish and a cracking good read it is too! It is rather strange to open something that I have written and not recognise a single word. Feelings of pride were radiated however.

Over the last few weeks I have had a lot of contact with my editor at Wiley to discuss putting together a new edition. She had a lot of reviews commissioned to help me work out what needs to be altered, and I was really pleased to get overwhelmingly strong and supportive comments back from all who looked at it. The bottom line is that the second edition (in English!) will probably be hitting the shelves in 2015 with the following major changes:
1. Possible introduction of colour
2. Possibly an altered title- ‘Nutrition, health and disease: A lifespan approach’ seems favourite at the moment.
3. Removal of the current chapter 10 and a major rewrite of chapter 1 to bring in more on research methodology in public health nutrition.
4. More illustrations.
5. More online learning and self-assessment resources

All sections of the book will receive an update. When I wrote it the aim was to present the current state-of-the-art across all topic areas. Naturally over the intervening five years the state-of-the-art has changed somewhat and so time will have to be spent refreshing just about everything.

Perhaps now is a good time to confess my rather odd, obsessive approach to writing something like this… The first edition was and the second edition will be, written in long hand. It has to be done using a fountain pen, in a hard backed notebook and then transcribed into electronic format. That transcription is my first editing point. I write nothing else this way, but the book and my PhD thesis (the only comparable work) have to be done through this process. The other slightly obsessive aspect to this is that the writing will have to be accompanied by the same music played over and over and over again. Edition one was written to the strains of Chemical Brothers ‘We are the night’ (honestly I played nothing else when writing the book for about a year, hundreds of times). I am yet to choose the soundtrack for the second edition.

The pen and the first notebook are ready to go. Once I have the publishers contract, we will be underway.

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