I’m A Scientist- getting serious

We are now in the second week of I’m a Scientist and to be honest I have been having so much fun that I had forgotten that it is a competition. Today we received an email informing us that the first ‘evictions’ would be happening today. Suddenly there was this feeling of being in the Big Brother House, or one of the contestants on Strictly. I really don’t want to leave this event!!! The designated eviction time was around 3 and as the announcement went on to Twitter that the evictions were going through, my heart did beat a little faster. I was there in the spotlight listening to the music that ramps up the tension, waiting for my name to pop up. But no! I survived and live to chat another day. I have another evening of answering questions ahead of me, and then we go through it all again tomorrow.

Commiserations to Rachel Dakin, who was the first casualty of the Iodine Zone. She worked hard in the chats and wrote some great answers to questions. 

The prize for winning is £500 which I have pledged to hand over to my local primary school to support the purchase of equipment for science kit. Regardless of whether I win or lose, IAS has been brilliant so far and the prize would just be the icing on a very good cake.

However, I do have a brutal and competitive edge and may have to resort to new tactics. Maybe an email to the other scientists to tell them that the remaining chats have been cancelled… heh, heh, heh. I am considering an attempt to increase my street cred by changing my name to ScienceIAm.

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