What do you think of it so far?

What do you think of it so far?

Well I couldn’t resist a bit of Eric Morecambe. I watched a great collection of M&W sketches the other night, which made me laugh out loud, so why not borrow the great man’s catch phrase.

Two days back at work after the Christmas break and colleagues in adjoining offices have commented on my smiley face already. I am on sabbatical and so far I like it. This period of study leave means that I don’t have any teaching responsibilities and my administrative duties are slightly reduced (I will pick and choose what I want to do to some degree) and I am therefore free to focus on research. Two days isn’t much to go on and with the students away still the true effects of the sabbatical are yet to manifest, but even so, I feel different. Maybe all the sleeping I did in the holidays explains it, but maybe the psychological benefits of having reduced pressures on my time are coming through. I am enjoying myself with some writing to begin with. Chapter 2 of my book is undergoing it’s refresh ready for the second edition and I have spent some time generating some new diagrams, reading around some of the sections that had become a bit tired and inserting new information. There is a new paper bubbling away on the edges of consciousness too, so maybe that is the next project.

Meanwhile, Genes and Nutrition have published our paper on cafeteria feeding and the expression of the insulin signalling pathway. The pdf of the article can be downloaded here. I am very impressed by their speed in handling this and will revisit them with future work.

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