Progress with the book

Editing my book as proved extremely challenging. I thought that it would be very easy to take the previously published text and make some tweaks and updates, move some bits around, add in extra details, remove some bits and bobs, etc. It turns out it’s not like that at all. To do it that way would be a waste of time and short-changes the punters who will go on to buy the new edition. Yes, there is tweaking and adjusting to do, but there is also a huge wadge of more extensive stuff to do. So far I have worked on one chapter, just a nice easy one, and surprisingly I have found myself deleting big sections to make myself properly rewrite them from scratch. That makes for a lot more work, but a fresher feel to the end product.


Of course having started on that process, the publisher informs me that they will provide me with Word copies of the original post-production and that I should be working from those instead of my own original files. That makes a lot of sense. It does make for something of a hiatus, but to fill the space I have embarked on the task of refreshing all of the figures. The publisher wants there to be a lot more in the new edition and to be honest I wasn’t happy with the quality of a some of the originals. I am in the process of updating everything and creating new figures, which will then go off to Wiley for their professional illustrators to work with. That’s exciting and allows me to be more imaginative about what I create- they can work from loose sketches to produce things that are way beyond my ability.

And the all important soundtrack for the second edition… Well, it seems to have evolved into a collection of three albums by Glass Hammer. Not everyone’s cup of tea and they have taken a long time to grow on me. They’re very long albums and the suite of three will last me a whole morning and keep me in the writing zone.

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