Some travel is planned

No sabbatical would be complete without some elements of travel, I gather. Whenever I mention that I am on sabbatical, people ask me, “Where are you going?” and I lamely reply, “Oh, I’m just staying here”. Just staying here, is of course extremely productive and already great things have been happening and I am producing ideas and writings and working impressively ahead of the schedule that I have imposed upon myself.
But, some travel is going to happen after all it seems. I have just returned from a trip to Milan to see my collaborators there. The data is coming together nicely and I think we should have an exciting publication before too long. We had some good discussions and I think that there will be some strong grant applications arising from the collaboration (reviewers willing). The next trip that I have just booked is to a Keystone Symposium meeting (Epigenetic Programming and Inheritance) in Boston. Hopefully we will be presenting an abstract on the Milan work there. It’s already had an outing at the Wellcome Hinxton meeting last year, but this would be a very different crowd and it ail be of interest to see how the work plays with them. Then, there will be a trip to California where I will be Visiting Scientist in the Center for Perinatal Biology of Loma Linda for a few days.  A bit of a US tour is shaping up…

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