Sabbatical progress

I think that the last few weeks nicely illustrate the perils and pitfalls of academic life, as the main focus of my sabbatical (i.e. writing stuff) seems to have been completely subverted by what our Head of School likes to call ‘treacle’. Administrative duties have taken over everything as we are into the performance management meeting season (and I have 14 of those to do this year), REF audit enquiries, HR related activities and similar distractions.
I only have myself to blame for some of it. I have forgotten that magic word that begins with N and ends in O and need to get myself back into my happy place and get some stuff written.
Still, being positive my sabbatical so far has yielded:
4 book chapters
1 paper submitted, revised and resubmitted
1 paper submitted, rejected and resubmitted
1 BHF project grant proposal
1 BHF PhD studentship proposal
A series of How to Write articles for the JHND Editor’s blog
1 editorial for JHND
All of which, I suppose, isn’t bad. I don’t want to jinx the BHF grant proposal, but I think it is pretty good and I will be very disappointed when the rejection letter arrives in July. It is the natural follow on from the three recent PLOSOne papers, and starts with the premise that the evidence implicating cell cycle dysregulation in tissue remodelling and later disease is robust and well-established. There are a set of gene and protein targets that may be important mechanistically, or as useful biomarkers of fetal programming.

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