Book update

Another month draws to a close and it’s time to report on progress with the book. I have set myself a pretty tough schedule for preparing the revised text and I was worried that I wasn’t going to hit my target for April. The trip to Boston, other work pressures and the Easter break put me on the back foot, but I am pleased to report that chapter 8 is now officially in the can. It’s quite  a monster too, with 25 figures, 11 tables and a lot more text on diet and cancer.The chapter (the Adult Years) ranges across obesity (new material on bariatric surgery), cardiovascular disease (updates on salt, saturated fat) and cancer (drawing heavily on the latest WCRF review). The opening section which covers healthy eating recommendations for adults has some new material on the muddling role of the media, bringing in some of the recent sugar nonsense as an example. I’m very pleased with it. Next on my list is Chapter 6.
All in all the project is going well, but one of the book writing traditions has been observed by the publishers. My commissioning editor has resigned her post (this happened last time too). It won’t make any difference, I hope, but it is disconcerting nonetheless.

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