Getting ready for my travels again


I am in the process of preparing for my next trip of the sabbatical (as this period in my life is euphemistically referred to). I will be the Visiting Scientist in the Center for Perinatal Biology, Department of Physiology/Pharmacology of Loma Linda University in California of mid May. I will be giving two lectures during my stay.

Basic Science Lecture: Maternal protein restriction and the programming of metabolic and physiological function.

Perinatal Biology Lecture:  Maternal nutrition and pathways to disease: Mechanisms of intrauterine programming.

The Basic Science lecture will be a bit different to my usual fare. I am going for a trip down memory lane and reviewing the last 20 years of our work in fetal programming. The range of work that we have done is (to be immodest) awesome and a lot of the early pioneering work we did is already gathering dust and is long overdue for an airing.

The Perinatal Biology lecture will focus on some of our more recent work and will discuss the gatekeeper project and our DNA methylation studies.


It should be fun (though tiring- 24 hours flying time for 3 days there). If you’re passing, drop in.

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