Book submitted!



Yes, it is time to say “Bombs Away”. I have just this minute hit the button that sent the book to my publisher. Now I will await feedback and no doubt endless corrections, proof-checkinng queries. But for now, I don’t care. I have finished and have done so 6 months ahead of schedule.


Very, very pleased with myself.

Final moments


No, this is not an announcement of impending doom. The End of the World is not necessarily just around the corner (although it can never be ruled out). With luck, my life still has a few more decades to run, and so does yours.

This is in fact a blog about the final moments of the preparation of my book. The text was finished many weeks ago and in the interim I have been working on the supporting materials that the publishers require. I have produced¬†around 150 self assessment questions and will be providing close 27 powerpoint presentations for use by lecturers who may be following the book with their classes. This is where I am currently becalmed, with 4.25 of these still to be written. I am struggling somewhat because there is a large part of me that resents this requirement and because the few that I have left to do are the subjects that I enjoy the least. When will I ever learn? I constantly do things like this. Leaving the exam scripts with the scruffiest handwriting until last. Delaying answering the most challenging emails. Avoiding writing up the discussion of a paper where the data doesn’t quite sit together. I must learn to seize the day and engage with the taxing while my energy is at its’ highest.

I digress.

The resentment is uppermost at the moment. When I prepare lecture materials for teaching I start from scratch. I read around the material. I make notes. I put my own spin on it and then I prepare my materials. The lucky recipients of my book will have had this done for them. Off the shelf teaching seems inappropriate for Higher Education. Anyway- I will continue with good heart, bury my true feelings and present the fruits of my labours to the world with a smile on my face.

All being well, the book will be submitted within the next 3-4 days.