Our work on pregnancy and weight- the MAGIC Study

Managing weight in pregnancy (MAGIC) is a longitudinal study which has been running since 2012 (investigators Judy Swift, Preeti Jethwa, Moira Taylor, Simon Langley-Evans, Jo Pearce, Amanda Avery and Sarah McMullen). The aim of MAGIC was to recruit women from antenatal clinics at Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham, with collection of baseline data at 12 or 20 months gestation. Follow-up data was collected at 32 weeks gestation, 2 weeks postpartum, 6 months postpartum and 12 months postpartum. The overall objective for the project is to examine the determinants of weight retention in the first year postpartum and we are factoring in initial weight, physical activity, dietary pattern, infant feeding choices, behavioural, emotional, socioeconomic and demographic characteristics as elements of a model to address this objective.

MAGIC is now in the analytical phase and we expect to be publishing data in the near future. The work has been supported by the University of Nottingham, National Childbirth Trust (summer studentship) and the Revere Charitable Trust (PhD student stipend for Sarah Ellis).

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