A change of blog title

For a long time this blog has been known as The Langley-Evans Lab, which on reflection is a terribly arrogant pronouncement. What I wanted to write about on these pages was the work that I have been doing with my PhD students and colleagues and to reflect on the bricks that our work has contributed to that big wall of human knowledge.


That work isn’t the product of ‘my lab’, or ‘my team’, it’s a product of collaboration and working together. Some of the ideas have been mine, I’ve generated some of the data myself but all of the papers and grant ideas are shared with the many, many PhD students, the postdocs and the collaborators that I’ve had along the way.

As my research moves on, I don’t rely solely on a lab anymore either. We’re published qualitative as well as quantitative date. We’re gathering data from out in the field in Botswana, Uganda, Malawi, Ethiopia and South Africa. The rat study days are largely coming to an end- things are very different to the early days.

So, a new and more inclusive title was needed for the blog and so I came up with ‘One day we will look back on all of this and laugh”. It suits my current mood and it’s something that I often find myself saying at home. It’s a response to the many challenges that life throws ups at home (I own teenagers and my parents are increasingly frail and vulnerable) and at work. Academic life can be so tough- a constant rollercoaster of rejections, terribly rude and dismissive reviewers (and sometimes colleagues) and challenging targets to meet. My resilience is sometimes tested to the absolute limits.

But one day, we will look back on all of this and laugh,



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