University of Nottingham
Judy Swift
Andy Salter
Moira Taylor
Preeti Jethwa
Amanda Avery
Helen Budge
Peter Voigt
Paul Wilson
Matt Elmes
Martin Broadley
Scott Young
Liz Bailey
Duane Mellor
Lisa Yon

British Geological Survey
Michael Watts
Murray Lark

Rothamsted Research
Steve McGrath

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Edward Joy

University of Aberdeen
Harry McArdle
Lorraine Gambling

University of London
Adrian Clark
Gioia Altobelli

Elia Stupka

Jaap Joles

National Childbirth Trust
Sarah McMullen


Members of the MAGIC team-  Simon Langley-Evans, Preeti Jethwa, Judy Swift, Sarah McMullen, Amanda Avery, Jo Pearce and Moira Taylor.


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