Outreach activities

I am involved in a number of external activities which promote understanding of science to a range of different audiences. I have worked as an independent advisor (unpaid) for the Infant and Toddler Forum on the production of their Early Nutrition for Later Health: Time to Act report and more recently the Ten Steps for a Healthy Pregnancy leaflets for parents and health professionals.

I was one of the scientists lined up for the Iodine Zone in the November 2013 ‘I’m a Scientist’ event. I’m a Scientist puts children in touch with active scientists through online chat and question and answer sessions. I was very pleased to be the winner of this event, which allowed me to donate the £500 prize to my local primary school. For details and to see the Iodine Zone, visit here. I enjoyed I’m a Scientist so much that I signed up for another go in the Hungry Zone in March 2014.

I am also engaged in producing materials for children and have contributed to classroom learning at Kegworth Primary School (what do Olympic athletes eat?), in addition to helping the school develop a healthy eating policy and guides for parents (healthy breakfasts, healthy packed lunches).


I acted as the nutrition consultant for two books for children published by Usborne books; Why shouldn’t I eat junk food; The Usborne Healthy Cookbook.



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