Past members

University of Southampton
David Gardner
Simon Welham
Rachel Sherman
Margaret Nwagwu
Gary Phillips

University College Northampton
Mike Marchand
Dean Sculley
Alison Langley-Evans

University of Nottingham

Solomon Agyare
Sarah McMullen
Angie Swali
Matt Elmes
Zoe Yates
Liz Tarling
Wiola Pijacka
Tina Lilley
Lynda Carrington
Leanne Bellinger
Sarah Engeham
Matt Harrison
Andrea Haase
Ruth Cornock
Ruth Austin
Kevin Ryan
Asli Akyol
Thom Wright
Aml Erhuma
Sam Ware
Bethan Clifford
Muniirah Mbabazi
Paphani Chalashika
Lujain Almousa
Bashair Al Rhiyami
Grace Robinson

Dr Lynda Carrington is very fondly remembered as a kind, gentle and patient member of our group. Sadly Lynda died shortly after graduating with her PhD.



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