My time in Milan- thinking about science again!




I have had the great pleasure of visiting the laboratory of Elia Stupka at the San Raffaele Institute in Milan this week. It was a very stimulating escape from the day-to-day aspects of work and now I am left with my head spinning about possibilities for future work.

In addition to showing me some amazing new data considering differential methylation of DNA in tissues from our Intergenerational study (Harrison and Langley-Evans 2009) – I can’t report the results here, but watch out for a first glimpse at the November Epigenetics meeting in Hinxton- we talked about ongoing reanalysis of the array data from the gatekeeper project and fleshed out ideas for two new pilot studies to start over the summer.

I gave a seminar on the 15th May to a very attentive audience who gave me a jolly good going over in the questions afterwards. Some very insightful and probing issues that set me back to thinking about issues around evolutionary significance of programming that I haven’t paid heed to for quite a while.
Back in Nottingham we often talk about how do we improve out research culture. I think more of our younger colleagues need to come to places like this to see the real power of being in an environment where everyone is talking about science and where everyone has a good understanding of what everyone else is doing. These guys publish in Nature and think big. we have to look to their example and take research out of silos and make it open, exciting. And challenging!