Paper accepted in International Journal of Obesity


Timing of the introduction of complementary feeding and risk of childhood obesity: a systematic review, Jo Pearce, Moira Taylor and Simon Langley-Evans, has been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Obesity (subject to the very smallest of revisions to the manuscript).

This is the second of the systematic reviews on weaning that were funded by the Feeding for Life Foundation and completes a series of four reviews examining the antecedents of childhood obesity and the independent contribution of early obesity to cardiovascular and metabolic disease in adulthood. See Pearce and Langley-Evans IJO (2013), Lloyd et al., (2011), Lloyd et al., (2010).


Bumps and Beyond

We are helping Ailsa Millen of Lincolnshire United Hospital Trust with the evaluation of her Bumps and Beyond intervention. Data collected from the intervention is being analysed by our lab to provide critical information about success in controlling pregnancy weight gain and health outcomes.